Plunger pumps are oscillating positive displacement pumps in which the displacers (called “plunger”) are moved by crankshafts which are integral to the pump. The action of ceramic plungers allows fluid to go through check valves in and out of a pressure chamber. Plunger pumps can be used in a wide range of applications (such as high-pressure cleaning, misting and cooling systems or vehicles cleanings) and have many advantages:

  • plunger pumps can be adapted to pump various fluids (also abrasive, corrosive, toxic and flammable fluids) even under high pressures
  • if the driving motor is strong enough, they can be used in processes with highest pressures
  • due to the design, plunger pumps work with the maximum efficiency and allow to save energy 
  • easy installation 

Udor produces a wide range of plunger pumps for different applications to meet any need. If you need more information about our pumps, please contact us.