Diaphragm and Plunger Pumps by Udor

Udor Water Power has been a leading manufacturer of pumps for over 50 years. We offer a wide range of pumps, from diaphragm and plunger pumps to centrifugal and submersible pumps. Our pumps are used in a variety of industries, from agriculture to automotive to manufacturing.

Our diaphragm and plunger pumps are some of the most versatile and durable pumps on the market. They can be used for a variety of applications, from transferring water to chemicals. Our diaphragm pumps are available in a variety of sizes and flow rates, so you can find the perfect pump for your needs.

Our plunger pumps are also available in a variety of sizes and flow rates. They are perfect for high-pressure applications, such as car washes and pressure washers.

A diaphragm pump is a positive displacement pump that uses a diaphragm to move fluid. 

A plunger pump is a positive displacement pump that uses a plunger to move fluid.

Product Customization by Udor

Product customization is something that Udor Water Pump takes great pride in. We feel that it is important to offer our customers the ability to personalize their products in order to make them unique. Whether it’s a simple change like adding a company logo or something more complex like changing the color of the pump, we are here to help make your vision a reality.

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